Soft or Hard Bristles?

Due to the great variety of brushes on the market, choosing your toothbrush can be quite a challenge, When it comes to choosing between soft or hard, the answer is not always clear. To help you decide, consider the benefits of both.

Soft Bristled Brushes


Soft bristled toothbrushes are highly recommended by dental professionals. Due to their gentle bristles and their ability to easily clean between teeth, they are a great option if you have sensitive gums or gingivitis. Soft toothbrushes also cause little damage to your tooth enamel, keeping your teeth and gums strong and less sensitive to hot or cold foods. When choosing a soft toothbrush, keep in mind these factors:

  • Does the brush head easily fit inside your mouth?
  • Can you clean hard to reach areas with the brush?
  • Is the package stamped with the ADA Seal of Approval?

Hard Bristled Brushes

While soft bristles are the best choice for many people, hard bristled brushes have a few benefits as well. Toothbrushes with more rigid bristles can be helpful for brushing in between morals and other areas that are difficult to clean. However, hard brushes can push teeth away from your gums, causing the exposure of roots. If you choose to use a hard toothbrush, use it cautiously and gently.

Your dental care starts with safe brushing and the proper toothbrush. To learn more about tooth extraction in Durham, please visit this website.