Four Options for Adults With Crooked Teeth

Maybe you didn’t have the chance to get braces as a teen. Perhaps your teeth have been affected by sports injuries or bad habits and have moved out of line a bit. There are a lot of reasons behind a crooked smile, but that doesn’t have to stop you from making corrections. With improved technology, adults can enjoy the perfect smile that they’ve always dreamed of. Do you ever wish that your smile was a little straighter? Take a look at today’s options for adults who need straighter teeth.

One of the most common options is the traditional combination of metal brackets and wires. Most people think immediately of these braces when they consider an orthodontic correction. While these are the most noticeable of all the options, modern braces are much smaller than they were just a few years ago. The wires that hold the brackets in place are more efficient and represent a less painful way to see change. One of the primary advantages to choosing this type of correction is the affordability.

Another very popular type of adult braces comes in ceramic or clear brackets. These work in the same what that metal braces work, but the bracket itself blends in with the tooth. This style of orthodontics is a lot less noticeable than metal braces and is an effective and fast way to see positive changes. Those who opt for this choice should take care to use excellent dental hygiene to avoid stains.

Lingual braces are a third option. These are customized to hide behind the teeth rather than sitting on the front of the tooth. This option is often chosen because the device is kept completely out of sight. There are a few drawbacks to this style: Some dentists don’t know how to install them. They require more complicated brushing. Some users find it hard to chew or eat when wearing them.

The fourth choice is most appropriate for those with minor alignment needs. Known as Invisalign, or invisible braces, these corrective devices are almost completely unnoticeable. Clear forms are made to encase the teeth, much like a mouth guard. The aligners are easy to put in and take out, so users can continue to eat and drink anything they want. However, they are also easily broken and are the most expensive option. Some patients have found that the straightening process takes longer with this type of device.

Maybe you’ve had the thought that it is too late for braces. The truth is that adults all over the country are enjoying a straighter smile and the confidence that comes with it because of adult brace types. Visit this website to learn more about dentures in Apex.


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