Encourage Your Child to Brush Their Teeth and Win the Bathroom Battle

Getting your child to brush their teeth can be a daily, epic battle. If you want to encourage fun and healthy oral hygiene with your children, follow these simple tips.


1. Incorporate Rhymes and Songs


Singing songs to your children or reciting a rhyme while they brush can do wonders. For 2 minutes you can read a silly rhyme or sing songs about brushing teeth. You can also play a recording of their favorite song and at the end of 2 minutes they will have much cleaner teeth!

2. Set Timers and Stopwatches

Kids also love racing to beat a clock, making 2-minute timers great motivators. You could even add an extra 30 seconds for swishing water in their mouths or cleaning up the sink. Some fun and kid friendly options for timers include:

  • 2 or 3 minute sand hourglasses
  • Animal egg timers such as owls, chickens or pigs
  • Digital timers attached to electronic toothbrushes

3. Competition and Rewards


Many children are also motivated by competitions and rewards. Brothers and sisters can compete for the longest tooth brushing. You can also incorporate sticker charts and prizes, handing out a small award after earning a certain number of stickers for brushing their teeth.

Oral hygiene plays an important role in your child’s health, making tooth brushing a daily need. To learn more about dental bridges in Chapel Hill, please visit this website.


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